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Closed Cell Sponge Rubber

The brief definition of closed cell sponge rubber is a profile with individual air cells with a cover of surface which doesn’t allow any moisture goes through.

The compounding technique of this profiles is the same like Solid rubber profiles however it includes blowing chemical agent which creates air cells in the profile while curing.

Applications of Closed Cell Sponge Rubber;

Closed Cell Sponge Rubbers is used in many applications such as; Automotive industry, Insulation, dust seals, water seals, marine applications, vacuum cleaner gaskets, weather strips, door and window seals are some of the examples.

Available materials of closed cell sponge profiles;

  • EPDM
  • NBR

Available densities of closed cell sponge profiles;

Starting from 0,30 gr /cm3 up to 0,80 gr /cm3

How can Pirlant Rubber help you?

Pirlant Rubber worked on 500+ project which includes closed cell sponge rubbers.

Since we see ourselves as a solution partner; we are always here to help you with the choosing the right material for your unique projects. Contact us now to get the best quality with competitive prices.

closed cell sponge profile

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