In our own modern production facilities, we produce rubber profiles and gaskets. Discover the unlimited versatility of our premium rubber profiles, expertly crafted to meet your specific requirements with unrivaled precision, durability, and performance, ensuring seamless integration into your projects for exceptional results.

Procuct range : Profiles, Gaskets, Sponge Seals, Fixing Clamp gaskets, Aluminium Profile Gaskets, Concrete Pipe Gaskets, Automotive Seals, Door Seals, Customized rubber seals, technical rubber compounds, moulded rubber goods.

Aluminium Profile Gaskets

Concrete Pipe Seal

Concrete Tunnel Seal

Fixing Clamp Seals

Automotive Seals

Sponge Rubber

Refrigerated Trailer Door Gaskets

Automatic Door Seals

Steel Door Seals

Dilatation Seals

Special Rubber Seals

Wagon Rubber Profiles

Marine Rubber Profiles

Rubber Hoses

Technical Rubber Compound